at the Top Dog Studio


If you’re looking for the best start for you and your pup, then you’ve come to the right place.

 At Lola and Buds, dog training isn’t just about having a well-behaved pooch! Lola and Buds Puppy School is a combination of training, enrichment and fun designed to set you and your pup up with a good bond that will last you a lifetime.

Small class

Relaxed & friendly environment without too many distractions.

Reward-based training

Explore fun ways to learn with your puppy.

Friendly & safe setting

Your own space to practice with opportunity for pups to socialise.

Join us for a 6 week course where we will cover:

  • Basic positions
  • Lead walking
  • Food manners
  • Recall
  • …..and lots more!

45 min classes held at the Top Dog Photography Studio, in Fareham, on Tuesdays. All puppies are welcome to start the course post-vaccination up to the age of 6 months. 

Course price: £85


Qualified Behaviour Practitioner

I am very excited to be collaborating with Top Dog Photography to bring you Lola and Buds Puppy School.

I am usually found covered in mud and dog hair with my two cheeky pups and spend any spare time I have exploring with them.