8 Tips for Photographing your new Puppy

    Have you recently welcomed a new puppy into your family?

    The photos you take in the next few months, you will look back on for years to come! This squishy, fluffy puppy stage doesn’t last long and before you know it, poof!

    They’ll be all grown up.

    Here, I’ve pulled together my best tips & tricks for capturing your puppy in all their cute, derpy, innocent glory!

    Tip 1. Always have your camera ready

    You never know when your puppy is going to strike a pose! Even if its just your phone camera, always be ready to snap a shot when your pup is entertaining themselves.

    Natural moments are always the cutest photos – when they’re playing with a new toy or interacting with family members. These photos will bring all those memories flooding back when your pup is old and grey!

    Tip 2. Include something for scale

    Make sure you include something in some of your photos which stays the same to show how much your puppy has grown. Some people use bow ties or jewellery, some pose the pup on the same chair, some even use toilet rolls…

    The choices are endless!

    Bonus points if you use something that has meaning to you, like a family heirloom or even an adult dog you might already have. Take a photo with this item every week to create a collage when they’re all grown up!

    Tip 3. Get that head tilt!

    Is there anything cuter than a puppy head tilt?

    In my experience, dogs tilt their heads either when they hear a word they associate with something good (difficult when they’ve barely learned their names yet…)


    When they hear a crazy sound they haven’t heard before! This is my preferred method for puppies. The world is all brand new for them so finding new and interesting sounds is easy peasy! Be careful here not to startle or scare your puppy. Start off by making some quiet dog-whiney noises and see if you can get their attention! Squeakers and rattles are also perfect for the job…

    Tip 4. Get them off the floor

    Getting a puppy to sit still for long enough to snap a perfect shot is easier said than done! Placing your pup up on something, like a chair or table, will limit the space they have to move around. Just make sure you have an extra pair of hands ready to make sure they don’t make an escape attempt – safety first!

    Tip 5. Think about the light

    The last thing you want when you’ve snapped the perfect moment, is to find a blurry or dark photo on the back of your camera! Puppies move pretty quick, so make sure you give your camera plenty of light to work with to get sharp photos.

    Outside is best – find a shady spot (direct light gives harsh shadows which are best avoided). Set your pup up in the shade of a tree in the park or in the shade of your garden fence and snap away!

    Indoors, place your puppy in front of a window that gets good light. Conservatories or rooms with big windows are best to make sure you get as much light as possible on your pup!

    Tip 6. Tire them out

    Puppies move fast. They also sleep – a lot! Try to catch them when they’ve had a good play or meal and are getting sleepy again.

    Tip 7. Hold on to them

    Again, puppies move fast. Don’t be afraid to pick your furbaby up for a cuddle and a photo! You’ll take lots of photos of your dog over the course of their life, but you’ll be surprised at how few you take with them. Take this opportunity to grab a photo with them, while they’re at their tiniest! Even if its just a little bit of you in the photo – you’ll be glad you have those photos one day.

    Tip 8. Consider hiring a professional

    Now, as a professional pet photographer, it is my duty to mention this one!

    Pet photographers are experienced in getting the best expressions and poses from your pets. Booking a session with a pro takes all the pressure off you to get that perfectly precious shot.

    Depending on the temperament of your puppy, you might want an outdoor session, a studio session or a photographer who will come to your home. Make sure that any photographer you entrust with your puppy is happy to discuss what is best for you and your furbaby.

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