Outdoor Dog Photography Sessions in Hampshire – Location Spotlight!

    Staunton Country Park.

    This is, without doubt, one of my favourite locations for dog photography in Hampshire! Its got a bit of everything – open fields, meadows, water, pretty features and breath-taking views.

    These photos were all taken in the neighbouring fields of Staunton Country Park where there’s tonnes of open space and the best part about it – there’s hardly ever anyone else around!

    Next, let me show you the park itself…

    This wonderful spot always catches the light so beautifully, and gives a great view over the lake down the bottom of the hill.

    Doggos love the view from atop this tree stump, and it always gives us a great full body pose!

    Here’s some more photos from Staunton Country Park dog photography sessions in the past…

    Staunton Country Park is particularly beautiful in the Autumn, with the gorgeous warm tones in the surrounding flora. Ollie’s session below shows just how stunning Hampshire is in autumn…

    To discuss the location for your outdoor dog photgraphy session, I’d love to hear from you! Drop me a message here.

    Thanks for reading!

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