Studio or Outdoor session – which is right for my dog?

    Ready to book a photo shoot for your dog but can’t decide between a studio or outdoor session? 

         Don’t panic!

              I’m here to walk you through it.

    Read on for all the things you need to consider before making your decision…

         (…or you can skip to the bottom for a summary of the pros & cons)

    Where are you happiest?

    The absolute biggest factor in how well a session goes is…

         Can you guess?

              How relaxed you are – both you and your dog!

    The Top Dog Studio is a controlled environment – safe, comfortable and homey. Perfect for dogs who are easily distracted, nervous of other dogs or prefer their home comforts such as heating and comfy furniture! 

    If your dog is more of an explorer, consider an outdoor session. This is a  great option for dogs who are at home in the great outdoors and love to run free! 

           But what about you?

    If you and your family would like to join in the session and get a few photos with your doggo, you should also consider what makes you feel most comfortable. A private & secure studio? Or a natural setting where you can forget about the camera?

    Where will you display the finished product?

    Take a look the photos below and imagine your dog in each location…

    Now ask yourself…

         “Would this photo look right in my house?”

    You’ll want to treasure the photos from your session for a long time! Think of where you might want to display your favourites…

          Framed on the mantlepiece?

                A canvas on the wall?

                      An album on your coffee table? 

    How would each of these photos look in your house? Would they fit with your decor? If you’ll be displaying them alongside other photos on a gallery wall or mantle – will they look right?

    Thinking about the final photos and how you’d like to display them might just give you an inkling as to where to have your session.

    Don't forget the weather...

    There’s no getting away from it – we get a lot of rain! 

    Whenever someone books an outdoor photoshoot, I ask the hypothetical question…

         “What shall we do if it rains on the day?”

    Most of the time, if its looking too bleak on the day, we simply reschedule for another day and hope for better weather! I also offer for you to switch to a studio session if you’d prefer. This works when clients aren’t able to reschedule, for example if their dog is nearing the end of their life, if they’re going travelling or need the photos for a certain date. 

    If you wouldn’t want to delay your session due to weather, a studio session is a lot more predictable!

    While we can always head to the studio if the weather takes a turn for the worst, planning for a studio session from the start will allow me to curate a much more personalised setup for you and your dog.

    What appeals most?

    This one might sound obvious, but its certainly worth asking! 

    I’m sure you’ve seen lots of my dog photos by now (if not, you can always check out my latest work over on Instagram).

         Which photos catch your eye?

               Is there a photo that led you here to my website in the first place? 

    Sometimes, the easiest way to decide is to just go with what you love!  

    Still can't decide?

    If you’re stuck on the fence, here’s a quick summary of all the pros and cons for both studio and outdoor sessions.


    No chance of being rained-off

    Safe, controlled environment

    No distractions

    Lots of colours/styles/props to choose from

    Comfortable with heating, toilets and always a cuppa!

    Close quarters if your dog is reactive to new people/enclosed spaces



    Natural environment for a dog walk

    Natural scenery = unlimited background options!

    Lots of space for action shots


    Dependent on British weather

    No control over other people/dogs at the location

    Lots of potential distractions

    and if you really can't decide...

    ...just do both!

    That’s right! You can book a Complete Experience to enjoy two sessions – one in the Top Dog studio and one outdoors on location! 

    Of course, if you want to chat about these options and what will be best for your dog, I’d love to hear from you! Just pop me a message to start the conversation.

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