The Dachshund Mini Trio at the Top Dog Studio!

    miniature dachshunds on a chaise in the top dog studio in southampton

    Here’s something you might not know…

    Fifi, Dizzy & Winston, these three miniature dachshunds, were the first proper dog photography session in our current studio in Southampton, Hampshire!

    I remember scheduling the session with their lovely owner from the depths of Wales, waving my phone around the motorhome trying to get enough signal to respond to her messages. I had just signed the lease for the studio before we went off on our travels over Christmas and was absolutely buzzing to get back to Hampshire to christen it with a dog photo shoot!

    I might have been a little apprehensive to be photographing three dogs together, one being a puppy, but I needn’t have been! These three were an absolute pleasure to photograph.

    I always give dogs as much time as they need at the start of a session, to get comfortable in the studio and settle in. While they’re sniffing around and investigating all the props, we trigger the flash to make sure it doesn’t worry them at all.

    Winston, the black & tan puppy, was a new addition to this family of daxies. One of our goals for the shoot was to capture him with his big sisters while he was still tiny and absolutely precious!

    These two beautiful girls were rescued together after they’d been used for breeding and given up when they were of no more use. But don’t worry, these days they’re living the dream with their lovely owner and little bro on the south coast!

    Dizzy, this gorgeous dapple girlie, was such a softie in the studio. I have my suspicions that she thought it was all a bit of a faff but she did oblige us by flashing us those beautiful big eyes for a few shots!

    Fifi was an absolute pro in the studio! A perfect princess who was more than happy being centre of attention! This girl could give any model out there a run for their money…

    I have photographed these doggos four times in the last year – once in our studio, thrice in our pop-up studio at East Hants Dachshunds events. If you live in Hampshire or the surrounding area and have a daxie of your own, do check out this group! They hold lots of events and walks throughout the year and are such a welcoming, friendly bunch – your pup is sure to make some new buddies!

    Despite the Top Dog Studio being a bit rough around the edges and very sparsely furnished at the time, we had an incredible shoot with Winston, Fifi & Dizzy!

    If you want to see more of these cuties (and why wouldn’t you?) you can follow them on Instagram here or find them @dachshund_mini_trio.

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